Drones are everywhere, and I mean everywhere, literally yesterday I was Kayaking on a peaceful lake when all of a sudden I was almost beheaded by an old DJI Phantom because someone wanted to get a “good shot” of me on the water. And with GoPro and DJI quickly shrinking their drones it was only time that someone was going to fit one inside of a phone case.

This drone is called AirSelfie, simply turn on the app, slip it out of the case and fly a few feet away so you can get that unique shot of you and your crew at a BBQ. The selfie is no longer confined to a selfie stick!

It has 3 different flying modes: Selfie Mode which is the easiest and only used two directional buttons, Selfie Motion Control Mode which gives you a virtual joystick on screen and the Flying Mode which I am sure you can figure out.

Land AirSelfie onto your open hand and place it back in its case where it will be recharged.


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Written by Brandon Salt

Video Junkie • Gadget Addict • Beer Lover • Content Creator

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