Amazon Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot was left under my Christmas tree this morning so I must have been a good boy this year! The Echo Dot is Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant, it hooks up to your wifi and allows you to use commands to do almost anything, it can can control your music, organise calendars and inform you about the latest news.

It’s a small little device that can be hidden with ease, I have mine on top of my desk because I want easy access to it but I have seen people hide it behind their TV just to keep it out the way, this also makes it look like you are talking to god when you have guests around which is always fun.


Simply say “Alexa” and the Echo will activate ready for commands, I personally use it mostly for news updates, you can imagine waking up and just asking Alexa to tell you the news while getting ready for work and you can hook it up to a bluetooth speaker so when you  ask it to play music on Spotify it partners beautifully with great sound quality. Or you can upgrade to the Echo which is basically the dot with a large speaker inside allowing you to get true immersive 360 sound, but an extra £100 is a hefty price, and I would recommend just buying a great portable bluetooth speaker instead.


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Written by Brandon Salt

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