BMW K100

The K100 is an iconic masterpiece, but what happens when you give a masterpiece to an artist that has no boundaries… well, see for yourself. This is the work of an artist called Fabian Gatermann, he chose a very unique polygon styling with a bold choice of retro blue.


The mission here was to give a bike customisers a chance to change the iconic K100 in a way that’s simplistic yet strong, the customiser known as Phillip Wulk wanted to team up with Fab in order to create something truly unique, and they create this beautiful monstrosity. Our favourite aspect is the rear suspension, it almost hangs out on the right side of the bike, making it look like the back tyre almost floats.

We hope BMW do more things like this, it’s nice to see artists get given a task so large yet rewarding, and by the looks of things they know what they are doing. This is an incredible piece of art that we’d love to take out for a spin one day!


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Written by Brandon Salt

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