BriteFit Glowing Earphones

Earphones can look pretty plain these days so why not lighten them up with some electroluminescent technology that lets them glow in the dark!  This company called BriteFit has some awesome in-ear headphones that can glow and pump to the beat of your music so you can really stand out when you are on your next night run.

They are designed for people who do sports or go to the gym so they are extremely secure when they are in your ear and they come with a small control panel and microphone on the cable. From this cable you can control your device, play/pause, skip/goback, you name it, it all there ready to be fiddled with.

Using electroluminescent technology we will revolutionize low-light and night time fitness. These stylish and high quality earphones make it easier for you to get through the toughest of workouts.


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Written by Brandon Salt

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