The Fidget Cube went viral on Facebook a few weeks back so we decided to get one ourselves and see what the hype is all about. It’s a cheap product indeed and we can imagine they sold thousands this Christmas due to the increase in fidgety people (me being one), it came in a nice little box and without instructions… not that you need them.

It has six sides, each with a different object to fidget with, we won’t go through them all as our video shows you what they do but our favourite was the flip switch, a simple light switch replica that makes a noise when you press it. We found ourselves using the noisy fidgets more than the others, this could be a personal reason but who knows, we just love the sound of things clicking?

For a couple of quid this is a real nice gadget to have on your desk, it’s hard to describe how it helps us, but it just does, it let’s our mind concentrate on the more important things!