Take the normal and make it funky, that’s exactly what Gramovox has done here, simply turning the record on its ass using a rubber band to keep it in place and with a little expert craftsmanship you have the floating record player.


Inside you have two 2″ neodymium speakers driven by a 15w per channel digital amplifier that will undoubtedly give you a full range of sound, the silicon belt can be easily moved by moving the rubber wire around the outer circle to change the RPM from 33 to 45 in a matter of seconds. It also comes in a maple or walnut version with a carbon-fiber tone-arm to make it look extra fly.


[eltd_blockquote text=”We designed the Floating Record for everyone from the first-time record listener to the seasoned vinyl enthusiast. We’ve developed a robust cueing mechanism that allows you to effortlessly cue your records. You’ll be spinning tunes out of the box in a matter of minutes.” title_tag=”h2″ width=””]


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