Gatebox Hologram

Technology is moving incredibly fast, but not fast enough! When I was a child I was expecting holographic assistants to be a thing when I was a teenager or at latest a young man, but still in 2016 nothing has came close to a proper hologram but a Japanese company called Gatebox want to challenge that thought.

This is the future of virtual assistants, based in a fish tank look-a-like tube that features projectors, cameras, sensors and screens to provide you with a cute, adorable character called Hikari, also known as “light”. She will connect to your home wifi and all of you electronics which enables her to control almost anything, you can message her to put the kettle on or she can wake you up majestically every morning as an alarm. You name it, she can do it.

The reason why we make Gatebox is not because we are just seeking amusement and efficiency. Characters who can blend into everyday as commonplace, spend the same time relaxed, because you enjoy together such a natural moments.


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Written by Brandon Salt

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