GoPro Karma Grip

Today the GoPro Karma grip landed in the office and we take it upon ourselves to look at whats in the box as well as showing you how it works. The packaging itself was very high quality, inside you get a premium carry case for the grip which comes with a USB-C cable, a mount and a velcro strap just incase you want that extra stability.

My first impressions straight out of the box was that it’s heavier than I expected, when I look back at the GoPro video of someone strapping it to their head all I can think is “they’re going to get whiplash” – You would not want to strap it on your head, it’s too heavy and too chunky.

BUT it’s extremely easy to use, very stable and the grip itself is a perfect size, not too small that it slips out your hand but not too big that it’s impossible to carry. I did notice a slight delay when changing the settings on the handle, maybe half a second but thats an incredibly small flaw, it does what it says on the tin. If you want more details and future follow ups be sure to follow us on Twitter @techboomhq for updates.


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Written by Brandon Salt

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