Halo Legendary Crate

LootCrate has been around for a while now and they seem to have a box for almost everything, our favourite has to be the Halo Legendary Crate that they offer on a bi-monthly basis, it comes in at a pricey £40/$50 per box but you get 5-7 UNSC approved items.

What’s Inside The Halo Legendary Crate?

Our unboxing below will show you what was in this month’s box but if you don’t want to watch let us explain! Usually you get a Halo T-Shirt/Jumper which you can choose what size to get, they’re great quality and still to this day I have one that I’ve been using for 4 months. We received a plasma grenade coffee mug, a secret mission report which gives you clues to other back stories in the Halo universe, public library card, a poster, an exclusive Halo figurine, a badge ( 1 out of 10 boxes receive a rare golden badge which we were lucky enough to get!), stickers and finally a awesome glowing energy sword letter opener!

Overall it’s a great box for any Halo fan, we have played all the games so recieving some awesome merchandise every other month is a small gift to ourselves, most of the stuff fits perfectly onto our desk but most people take it to work to spice up their boring setup. Admittedly it is hella expensive but the quality that Loot Crate put into it really does show, it’s one of our favourite boxes for sure.


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