Inscribe Wallet

Wallets are a man’s best friend, but don’t you think all this time something has been missing? Apparently you are right and it’s a notepad! Personally I have to physically write on paper for my notes to be remembered, if I type them into my phone I somehow forget about it. A new Kickstarter campaign has popped up and it combines a premium slimline wallet with a notepad and pen.

The company is called Inscribe and their mission is to make people more productive on a daily basis, with a simple minimalistic wallet. The wallet is made from genuine leather and the more people that back it the more versions will be released, our favourite is the ‘Blue Gold’ version which will be released at 2,000 backers (you choose your colour once the campaign has ended).

Inside the wallet you receive a beautifully crafted stainless steel pen that can be refilled and a 32 page notebook for you to jot down your incredible ideas.


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Written by Brandon Salt

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