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Kuri The Robot Friend

CES has started with a bang and one of our favourite reveals is this little robot known as Kuri. The company known as Mayfield Robotics wants to create a more personalised, friendlier version of the Amazon Echo so they’ve made a cute robot assistant to do just that.

Kuri can assist you with multiple things, it comes with a built in bluetooth speaker which you can sync to your phone and it can manually or automatically follow you around your home, I doubt it can climb up the stairs as of yet so you may need to give it a lift now and then.


It comes with an adorable face which will react to different users with its built in 108op camera behind its retinas, this camera can be used to remotely check your house for burglars when you are at work, or even telling you that your children have arrived from school just by simply recognising their faces and sending you a message!

We have seen many personal robots fail in the past *cough* Sphero BB-8 *cough* so we are a little sceptical about Kuri, but if it can do what Mayfield says it can do then it should be a delightful friend to have around the house and to be honest our cats are getting a little boring so we need some kind of gadget crate of robot’ness to land on our desks!


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Written by Brandon Salt

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