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Mini Transparent Speaker

You may have seen our article on the Transparent Speaker, well this is their smaller not yet released version which also has smaller price tag!

The Small Transparent Speaker looks great in any environment, from kitchens to bedrooms. Hardened glass sides makes it blend in by showing what’s behind the speaker. A white coated aluminium unibody frame makes it neutral so it feels right in any context. People People have worked tirelessly on every single detail to ensure techy perfection!


On the front, you have a volume adjustment knob, a classic rocker switch for power on and off, a LED to show you if the speaker is on and a 3.5 jack if you prefer to use the included cable for your audio source. And yes, you are right, this is a  bluetooth speaker so connecting to your device is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

This speaker is one of a kind and looks absolutely stunning in any environment, if you are interested be sure to back it on KickStarter for a discounted price.


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