NERF N-Strike Elite Terrascout

This will be the ultimate toy for the inner child in you this Christmas, and we all have that one family member we dislike seeing at the table so why not open fire on them without them even knowing it was you! NERF has announced a new addition to their arsenal and this one can be controlled remotely, it comes in two pieces which are easily snapped together, it’s tank like features allows for it to be controlled over rough terrain meaning it can be used at home, your office and even in your garden.

The Terrascout will knock you back $229 (£180) and the only way to get your hands on one at the moment is from Toys R Us exclusively, rumours have it they will expand distribution in the near future, lets hope its before Crimbo!


It has a built in camera so you can watch the drone from a safe haven on your controller and if you get a decent headshot you can actually save some of your clips to publish to the world. Genius! It can also hold up to 18 darts and it’s controller is extremely sensitive and a little funked up so you may have to have some training before going into the battlefield!


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Written by Brandon Salt

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