Ninja Snorkel

Snorkelling is one of my favourite things to do, in fact I was in Indonesia two weeks ago doing it and it was incredible, but something was missing. I hate having to use the terrible snorkels given to me by the boat crew, they fog up and are just generally rubbish, these new products here have reinvented the way you snorkel, with its new ninja mask design.

The Ninja Snorkel Mask is a full faced mask with a snorkel on top of your head instead of the side, this helps with general balance plus with it’s built in technology it prevents your lens from fogging up so you can actually see the fish! The frame is made from a durable polypropylene and a shatter-proof window for the front this gives the mask a long life span unlike ordinary snorkels which tend to break or leak after a few uses.

Outfitted with a wide-angle, anti-fogging viewing window, comfortable silicon face padding, and easily adjustable nylon straps.


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Written by Brandon Salt

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