Nuke Venom Modular Sunglasses

This is the world’s most customisable pair of modular sunglasses and they are looking pretty darn fresh! These fellas are still being funded on KickStarter so be quick if you want a super cheap pair. Being modular these sunglasses comes with tonnes of unique parts, from different frames to different coloured joints, you can even get interchangeable frames that allow you to customise each part however you want, these makes ever pair of sunglasses from Nuke truly unique.

It even comes with a RX mount allowing you to add your prescription lenses into the frames, and talking about lenses you get to choose up to 7 different polarized lenses to fit into the frames, ranging from all different colours, you can match the frames or go a little crazy and let them clash! These glasses will change eyewear for the greater good, we can match our clothes and accessories so why not match our sunnies!

Partnering with Cerakote, Nuke Venom is the world’s most customisable, RX mounted,modular, eyewear system ever created!


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Written by Brandon Salt

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