POWRTAB Disposable Batteries

We are a fan of battery packs, but having to recharge them all the time drives us mad! A small team of geniuses have decided to stop this all together and make disposable battery packs… that’s right! Charge, trash, play, repeat. They’ve named the little pocket rocket a POWRTAB and you can use them with your smartphone, tablet and even your man torch.

Each tiny Powrtab is made of a recyclable cardboard so no need to chuck it in your trash, you can be a good person and recycle it! And not only does it look kind of bad ass it can also give your smartphone a total of 4 hours extra juice!

Personally I can see these little fellas popping up everywhere, from your average phone shop to local gas stations, could this be the death of portable battery packs? Probably not but they are going to save your ass when you need that extra power on the road.
Powrtabs is best used on the go or for emergency situations. It’s perfect to take to for travel, concerts, hikes, and late nights out.



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Written by Brandon Salt

Video Junkie • Gadget Addict • Beer Lover • Content Creator

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