Smart Walking Stick

It’s not often we find tech that we want but we really really don’t need, and that’s this… The Dring Smart Cane, it’s a powerful addition to any elderly or disabled person that uses a walking stick, not because it’s a bloody good cane but it notifies friends and family when you take a tumble.

Inside is some simple yet effective technology, it has a sensor inside that can monitor if the user has fallen and it will immediately alert family members or staff via texts/notifications that the user has possibly hurt themselves and needs attention. Not only that but it has a tracking device inside, for example; if the user leaves a certain area, be it their home or room it will send another alert just warning them that this is where the user is, so no sneaking out into Betty’s room for some late night fun. 😅


Built on the front is an additional button that can be pressed for emergency purposes, this is great because a lot of elderly people struggle to use smartphones, especially if they are hurt or in shock so having a efficient button thats easy to press and is constantly with you is a fantastic safety device.

We can’t wait to see what 2017 has for elderly and disabled people, it just shows that technology can really help even it’s not full with the latest tech.

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Written by Brandon Salt

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