Yeti Hobber

Keeping beer warm is one of the hardest things to do on a hot summers day, especially if its all day. A company called Yeti has crafted one of the most bad ass and portable coolers on the market and it can keep your beers cool for days! It’s made from a puncture resistant material that’s also 100% leak proof, they come in three different sizes (20,30,40) and it gets it’s number from the amount of ice it can hold.

They recommend a 2:1 ice to beer ratio to keep your brews cool for as long as possible, this product is perfect for hauling to campsites, beach parties and even on your small fishing boat for bait and some cool snacks! The DryHide Shell and nearly indestructible straps will stand up to an abundance of abuse in the field, while the HydroLok Zipper (a design borrowed from HazMat suits) is completely leakproof, eliminating spills and locking in cold. This is the ultimate brew with a view combination!

Built for close calls in far-flung places. Built for tall tales and epic adventures. Built for finding comfort well outside comfort zones. Built for the wild.

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Written by Brandon Salt

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